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Applying for Financial Aid

Educational costs can be met from a variety of sources including Government student assistance programs, scholarships, bursaries, campus employment opportunities and external awards.

• Ontario students should apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). For more information and information on how to apply, visit the OSAP Web site.
• If you are a resident of another province, visit the Out-Of-Province Students page for links to your provincial assistance program.

• To apply for scholarships and bursaries, please refer to the Financial Aid home page for a full listing of scholarships and bursaries available Trent University student.

• If you are an international student, visit the Trent International Program for information on financial assistance programs.

• Working on-campus is a great way to supplement your income and develop networks. For more information Work/Study programs visit the Work Study page.

• Many private companies and organizations provide financial assistance to students; for more information visit the External Awards page.

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